Welcome to Raqs Sharqi classes online


Raqs Sharqi is the ancient dance that has its main roots in Egypt and is nowadays blooming also in Europe. It is an earthening, body and mind centering and an incredible lively dance that is nourished from authentic feeling and a rich oriental dance vocabulary. By first sight, the pronounced and rhythmical hip movements, the fluid torso and pelvic movements may be pleasant as being the expression of the dance vocabulary. For the dancer and the audience it is indeed the shared feeling of sensuality and spontaneousity and emotionality that is deeply intriguing.



Feel invitated at any time to try and discover the secrets of Raqs Sharqi in a workshop or weekly class (Thursday 20:00 – 21:30 pm German time and Saturday 21:00 – 22:30 pm German time ONLINE). The dance practice will help to relax and strengthen your body, elevate your flexibility and sensitivity and mindfulness. The weekly classes are online via Zoom and free for trying any time! Classes can be hold bilingual in German, English and French.


Contact: Susanne Donner, susanne_donner(at)yahoo.de